Thomas Waterman  &  Alexandria Agresta , Co-Founders of Purpose Pioneers

Thomas Waterman & Alexandria Agresta, Co-Founders of Purpose Pioneers

We Speak About the Power of Purpose in Business & Life

We believe that fully embracing purpose is the key to real-time fulfillment & long term success. Our message is clear: there is a paradigm shift happening in the economy and the human need for purpose is in the driver's seat. The good news is this shift is improving lives and our planet. When people have meaning in their work, they don't need to wait until vacation time to be fulfilled; they wake up everyday excited to work. When customers have meaning in their purchases, they are empowered to be a part of a movement that is bigger than themselves. Everyone wins and we love to speak about this phenomenon wherever we go. If you believe what we believe, reach out so we can deliver this message to your community.



Alexandria is an executive coach that believes in purposeful community building. She inspires people not only through speaking engagements, but also through every day conversation. As an entrepreneurship coach at the 2nd largest school in the nation, UCF, she guides students to not just build a business, but rather build a movement that makes all stakeholders want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.



Featured Speaker at the 2017 Focus on Entrepreneurs Conference (Tampa, Florida)

Featured Speaker at the 2017 CEO Global Conference (Tampa, Florida)

UCF’s the EXCHANGE Alumni Speaker

UCF Kissimmee Incubator- Workshop Presenter

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Thomas is a leadership enthusiast who believes that purpose is at the core of truly inspiring people. He also believes that the choices we make in every day moments are the building blocks to a meaningful & fulfilling life. Our choice to be present, or our choice to be kind in each moment can massively change the narrative of each of our stories for the better. When organizations begin to harness their purpose in each of these moments, abundant success & fulfillment becomes a reality.




- Leadership Facilitator, Balfour Leadership Training Workshop


- Keynote Speaker, IFC at UCF, "the 10 Choices that Change Everything

- UCF's the EXCHANGE, Alumni Speaker