We Speak About The Power of Purpose-Driven Business

As champions of the Purpose-First Movement, we spread the message of aligning what you do to make money with what you do to experience meaning and fulfillment as far and wide as we can. We empower your people with exciting and tangible ways to put purpose at the core of business.

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Thomas takes the audience into a powerful moment, inviting them to be present and explore what is possible with him on stage. His super power is empowering those he speaks with to leave with a spark of inspiration and a belief that they can live a life of purpose. His genuine spirit and limitless passion is felt by every living thing in the room. People feel his deep truth and leave with their eyes and hearts open to new possibilities. Get ready to go deep, have some fun, and be inspired to take massive action when he is done with you.

Previous Speaking Engagements

- Leadership Facilitator @ Balfour Leadership Training

- 3x Keynote Speaker @ University of Central Florida’s International Fraternity Council

- Speaker @ 2018 #FREECON Conference

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Alexandria’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to present soul-provoking topics with high energy and her spunk of realness. She electrifies the room with her undying belief in her cause and in the people around her. She is a deep thinker and thought leader with the innate ability to both empower an audience and leave them with actionable steps to ignite purpose in all areas of their life. People who experience moments with Alexandria leave with a jolt of inspiration, pondering new ways to look at life and business through the lens of purpose.

Previous Speaking Engagements

- 2x Keynote Speaker @ Activate Purpose Summit

- Keynote Speaker @ Embry-Riddle College

- Speaker @ San Diego Startup Week

- Speaker @ Denver Startup Week