Forward-Thinking CEOs

Those who believe in using their business as a force for good. The ones who are ready to hop on the next wave of business and pioneer the new economy— The Purpose Economy.

How do you get your team to all go in one aligned direction?

How do you trust your employees to make decisions in the same way YOU would?

How do you scale your company beyond yourself?

We heard these frustrations over and over again from forward-thinking CEOs, just like you, and we decided it was time to do something about it.

Thus the Purpose-First Journey was born.


My team members see the bigger picture of what we’re doing. They’re all focused on the why behind what we do because our team is all focused on the why. There’s so much alignment, more than we’ve ever had before. We have monetized on our investment with Purpose Pioneers. It’s an absolute no brainer!

CEO / Josh Elledge / UpMyInfluence PR


The Purpose-First Journey

We’re go on a journey to transform your organization from the inside out, and into one that puts purpose first in every single thing the team thinks, says and does. When an organization puts purpose first, it empowers their employees to find meaning in their work and customers to find meaning in their purchases.

Workshop Group Pic.JPG

Outcomes of Putting Purpose First

- Employees become intrinsically motivated to go above and beyond for the company because they are deeply connected to the company’s purpose.

- Customers are inspired to purchase from you because they feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.

- Decisions become easy within the organization because everyone and everything is making decisions from a place of common values and common purpose.

- Purpose increases the bottom line.



I was captivated by Alex’s enthusiasm and Thomas’ insight when I decided to hire the Purpose Pioneers. After day one of the program, our team productivity has already risen by feeling our love for one another and showing appreciation.

CEO / Andy Clark / All Aboard Storage

Purpose changes everything. Enjoy the ride. ~ The purpose pioneers