Putting Purpose First has empowered our pioneer clients to thrive. It's the foundation for everything we do.

AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION: We first lay the foundation for the discussion around purpose by teaching the principles of authentic communication. 

VALUE EXPLORATION: We then take a deep dive, helping the company uncover their values and purpose. These become the core of every decision made in the organization.

PURPOSE ALIGNMENT: Finally, we coach the company to create an action plan that guides them in the journey of aligning each piece of their business with their purpose.



Alexandria & Thomas

Alexandria Agresta & Thomas Waterman, Chief Purpose Pioneers

After quitting our jobs and freeing ourselves from fear and limitations, we chose to lead a life of with every ounce of intention.

Spending countless nights asking each other way too many questions about the meaning of the life, we began to unlock the key to creating a fulfilling journey-- discover your purpose and do everything to align yourself with it.

We wake up and do what we do to empower to experience real-time fulfillment.

Leading with purpose is an incredibly fulfilling journey. Enjoy the ride. <3




Your Sustainable Purpose-Driven Business that Thrives 

Putting purpose first has given me a better perspective on why I’m doing what I’m doing.
— Kelsey Kearce, Chief Playmaker at Playground City